Knock three times and say, "Housekeeping!!!"

Hey there friends!!!! So I've been here almost a month and LOVING it!!!!! I'm going to give you some advice about check in and moving in, and then talk about my housekeeping role and what's next to come!!! So if your ready, hang on tight: 'Cuz this is the fastest train in the wilderness!!!'

Move in day was super long but once it was done and we moved in everything was amazing! Make sure to get to vista way at 5:30-6 in the morning so that you can move in and get everything done first. Chatham is really nice, I love my room and I'm in a two bedroom. My fiancĂ© is in a four bedroom and his is cool too!

So while you are doing all of the stuff at vista you then go to casting and don't be super depressed if ur role isn't very good (like me!!! Ugh) because everyone is super happy and they can tell if ur upset. Oh and they will ask you over and over where are you from and what are you working at. (really annoying, so just smile and nod) Then after casting and giving all of ur paperwork with your schedulde and everything, you go back to vista and move in!!!! Yay!!! You want to be there really early because then you can claim the better room if u are the first one in!

The rest of the day you move in until the house meeting. It's super cheesy and BORING!!!!!! I wanted to shoot myself. Then u have an off day and then the next day you'll have traditions either @ 8am or 12pm. (mine was @8). You really want to go to the 8am one because that means you get done around 2 and once you get back to your apartment you have the rest of the day off. And did I mention that you get your Disney ID that lets you get into the parks?!?!?!?! ;) Also, you get paided to go to traditions! Make sure you wear comftorable shoes. I'm not saying 'don't wear heels' because if you can rock them and walk through MK then go for it. If not, ballet flats (with some form of a heel or sole!) are fine!
So the next thing I went to was my housekeeping core class. This lasted from 8-5 for females and 8-2:30 for males (Since they are housepersons.) Training is pretty boring too. You learn the basics of how to do everything and how to make ur beds. Check to see if u got ur hepatitis B shot! They want u to get it done (for free) but if you've gotten it already, then there's no point doing it again. Then the next day I went to "Rolling out the Red Carpet" which was the All-Stars Resort's history and basic class. we toured the property and learned about it too. It wasn't until this day that I realized I was going to like working there...
So at the end of the day they will give you your schedule. I knew I was in housekeeping and I assumed I would be an AM housekeeper, but once they gave me the schedule it said I was a PM housekeeper!!!! So then the next day after was an E-learning class day. It was only about 4 hours and it was just a bunch of online interactive learning experiences about the company. (boring again too, but remember, you get paid!!!!) And then the next day they made me (and my friend also working @ ASR- this means all-star resorts) work under a trainer during the AM shift for two days. It is a HARD job people!!! If you have ever yelled or made fun of a housekeeper, you should take it back and tip those ladies because it is a hard job!
Then the fun began. I went to my first meeting for the PM shift (still training) and learned how to be a runner. The next two days I did the same thing and I absolutely love it! It's almost like having to do a scavenger hunt every night and you win if you get a tip! (Yes, housekeeping can recieve tips!!!!!) I trained the other night doing rooms and I don't like it as much. Yes, there are less calls for room cleaners, but it is just like doing the AM shift in a way. But I usually work the Toy Story buildings at All-Star movies. It is so much fun and I love seeing Buzz and Woody all night! Oh and did I mention, if you have done all of your garbage duty and have no calls, then you sit in the break room until you get a call!!!! And we drive golf cart things to and from our buildings (they are called pargos!)
So yea! I love working my job!!! BBBBBBBUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I recieved an email for a female face character audition for this thursday and it is only for college program people. I didn't want to go, but out of peer pressure and curiotiosy, I'm going!!! The height requirement is between 5'1-5'7 and I'm 5'4 so I think I'm in a good height range. (Mind you I look taller than I actually am.) Honestly, I love working the PM shift so I'm doing this audition as a pratice for the future. I still want to be a dancer for the company (Hoping to dance at festival of the Lion King!!!!) and if I go into another audition I'll know what to expect and won't get as nervous. If for some reason I do get into face character, SWEET! If not, Oh wells!!!! At least I tried! ;)
So for everyone else here are some tips I would say to do before or while you are here:
1. bring as many groceries as u can. I spent $89 food @ Walmart, but now I hardly have money for anything else.
2. don't lose your phone the first day you go into the parks...watch out dinosaurs like to eat phones.... bahahahahahhaha!
3. when u first go to training u just wear traditions attire, so bring at least four nice business-ey outfits. I prefer to wear a skirt just because its less hot, but pants are needed for housekeeping core class cuz they will make u practice making beds and cleaning
4. figure out your roommates and housemates cleaning situation right up front. You don't want there to be a fight later.
5. buy your disney stuff at Company D, Property Control, and at Cast Connections. If you love Disney mercandise but don't like the prices then this is the place for you!!! Oh and If your coming in the fall wait to buy stuff at the parks with your holiday discount! I don't know how much it is but let's say its almost half off!!!
that's about everything so far! If you have any questions feel free to mail me or find me around property. I live in Chatham and always usually at my apartment or Matt's! Have a Magical Day!!!!!



Wow, it's been a while. Sorry bout that!!!
So while I was in Hawaii for a family vacation, my boyfriend PROPOSED TO ME!!!!! So now he is my fiance!!!!! I was compeletly surprised because we had talked about him doing it while we were on the prgram but Hawaii is good too!!!!

When we got back I had to go back to Tuscaloosa for summer school (Yuck) but at least I'll finish on time!!!

So Disney stuff:
I have a roommate!!! Matt does too!!!! And I'm starting to pack and get all of my things organized. I'll try to do a vlog some time soon, but for now this is the easiest way for me to update!!!
Have a magical day!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and while we were in Hawaii we saw the new Disney Hotel, Aulani
ANNNNNNNNNNDDDDDD Queen Anne's Revenge (Blackbeard's Pirate ship from POTC) was docked right in the bay of our hotel!!!!!! Holly crap! I just saw a boat that Jonny Depp was on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH! *faint*

We couldn't go on it though. :(

Our hotel in the back!

Looks beautiful! Aulani was next door to our hotel too!!!!


Ready for summer!!!!!!

Hey guys,
So my school year was cut short by a devistating tornado that hit right through Tuscaloosa, AL and about a few roads away from where I live and was at currently when it hit. Scariest thing in my life, and I've lived through and saw everything in New Orleans during Katrina. So pray for ttown, its stil not even close even though its been 3 weeks since the tornado hit. One of my sorority sister was actually picked up and thrown from the tornado. She was paralized from the waist down, but she is getting better!!! Today she walked with assistance!
However, another one of my sorority sisters didn't make it. Her apartment collasped on her and she passed away. Its so sad to imagine how precious life really is. I'm so blessed that I'm still alive and that I get to go and work for my dream company, Walt Disney Corp. RIP Nicole. I miss you dearly...

I finished my sophomore year with a 3.6 GPA which is pretty good since I didn't even take any of my finals!!! (But honestly I would have given anything to take the finals and not have that tornado hit)

In the mean time, I am heading to HAWAII in two days!!!!! And to make things Disney related, our hotel is right next door to Aulani! I cannot wait to take sneak pictures of the hotel and I'll be sure to post them on my facebook and on here!!!! :)
Until then, ALOHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hey guys! So lately I've been in ARDT which is the dance department's dance company. It's been really fun and a bit chaotic, but I love the experience I'm having with all of my lovely and amazing dance majors!
Well yesterday, Tangled came out on dvd, and I bought it and brought it with me so that the girls and I could watch it! They loved it and liked the idea of me bringing in one today. Well I asked if they wanted me to bring another Disney movie and I tried to remember which ones I had, but it was really hard. So taking the easy way out, I looked on Wiki at a list of Disney Movies and went down the list.
When I got to the end, I completely freaked out when I saw which movies are soon to be coming out!!!!!!!!!!!!

2011 Winnie the Pooh - Walt Disney Animation Studios

6-24-2011 Cars 2 - Pixar Animation Studios
2011 Brave - Pixar Animation Studios

5-20-2011 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
2011 National Treasure 3

2012 Newt - Pixar Animation Studios

2012 King of the Elves - Walt Disney Animation Studios

2012 Monsters Inc. 2 - Pixar Animation Studios

2013 Jungle Cruise
Okay so the ones in red are ones that I'm freaking excitied to see or hear more information about!!!!!!!!!!
I can't wait for Pirates! That looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!1
I love National Treasure, 1 & 2, and its Matt's favorite movie! So def. happy to see a 3rd one!!!!!!!!!!
I know that Brave is Pixar's first princess movie and from what I've gathered shes some type of archer but she's also a princess but doesn't want to do it anymore...? Idk but I want to know more about it. Oh and I think it's based in either Ireland or Scottland and Reece Whisterspoon is the Princess.
MONSTERS INC. 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg!!!! Freakout moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cannot even describe what I feel about that!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDD
And then the Jungle Cruise movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that films are being based off of the rides in the parks! I think that it is such a good idea and I have loved everyone that has come out! So I hope this will be good too!
          Here's a little bit of important info that I copied from Wiki:
The Jungle Cruise is an announced Spyglass Entertainment, Disney motion picture loosely inspired by the theme park attraction of the same name.
The film, originally scheduled for release in 2007, has experienced various delays and changes. Shooting of the film, originally schedule for 2006, was postponed. Moreover, the original screenplay by Josh Goldstein and John Norville was reportedly rewritten by Al Gough and Miles Millar.
The film follows a group's riverboat journey through a jungle in search of a cure. Further details have not been forthcoming, apart from confirmation that the film is set in the twentieth century. However, it was announced that Spyglass Entertainment will produce the movie, making it Disney's first film to be produced by Spyglass, since 2007's Underdog. In March 2011, it was announced that Tom Hanks and Tim Allen would star in the film, with the producers of The Fighter, the script is being reworked by Roger S.H. Schulman.

I love that Tom Hanks and Tim Allen are gonna do it! It'll be like Buzz and Woody are on the Jungle Cruise! lol. But if any of y'all know more about these movies PLEASE let me know! I'm so excitied!!!!!!!!!! :)))

Have a Magical Day Y'all!!!!!!!!!!! :D


MY JOURNEY BEGINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I'm so freaking excitied because I've been Pending for about a month. My pending letter date was 2-8-11 and the date on my folder was 2-28.
Okay so I waited 20 days really, but trust me they were the longest and most depressing 20 days ever. Even with all of the stuff in my crazy crazy life, all I could think about was Disney.
So, Matt (the boyfriend) is also a housekeeper along with me, the parents are not happy with me going (too bad for them), and all of my friends are so excitied to come and visit me in Florida!!!
Now all I have to do is get through this semester and summer school and then I get to go to DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Phone interview and more!

Hey there you guys!!!!!

So I had my phone interview last Tuesday @ 2:30 in central time zone. It lasted 28:28 minutes long and I honestly don't remember my interviewers name, (I believe christy, but I'm not positive) she called me @ 2:38 though, and up until it was about 2:35 I wasn't nervous. But as the minutes passed I started to freak out. But she called! And that what's most important!

She asked me why I wanted to work for Disney, how would I handle a roommate disagreement,If I am a team player, would I prefer to work outdoors, What were my past jobs, how wdo I handle interruptions, those normal types of questions.

She only asked me what my top two roles were (hospitality and conceirge) but I really wish she would have asked my top four (which also included, attractions and BBB) so she asked me one question in relationship with attractions (spiels, how much have u had to memorize) and none about BBB (I had such good answers too!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh!!!!!) oh well!

One thing that really threw me for a loop was that she asked me the same style of question twice! She just reworded it! (have you ever had a difficult situation with a customer, and then describe a time you had to deal with a difficult guest) I paused a little, but I believe I came up with a solid answer.

I feel really awesome about my interview! I just had to keep telling myself to breathe and smile whenever I started to doubt myself while she was typing.

So I should hear back in about 3 more weeks tops. (she told me 3-4) and I'm so glad I have dance alabama! to keep me busy!!! And I also made the dance company here (ardt) and I'm so freaking excited! It's such an honor and a big deal!!!! So I'm excitied I have these thing to keep me busy (and school) or else I know I would be checking my email constantly!!!!!! Good luck to everyone else and ...




Exciting News!!! °o°

Hey guys. So the Disney 30 day challenge wasn't really working out for me. I was so busy, and now that I have my iPad its really hard to post pictures onto it. So I'm sorry about that you guys!!!

So, the exciting news that I wanted to share is that the apps are out!!! (Pause for those of you dancing around your area) So I applied yesterday, along with my Disney-fanatic boyfriend, Matt, and passed the web interview!!! Whooop!!! And a few minutes ago I scheduled my phone interview for Tuesday @ 2:30!!!
So this give me enough time to prepare for the interview and mentally prepare myself as well.

SOOOOOOO. For those of you that haven't done the Web interview or scared (like me). Don't be!! I know a million people tell you this and I didn't believe them. But now I'm saying it from your POV. It is not as bad as it seems and its actually fun and interesting!!!!! So really, stop reading this and APPLY!!!!!!
Can't wait to hear good news from everyone!!!!
Have a magical day Y'all!!!!!


Tagged 10 random things!!!!

Yay I was tagged by Marion in a 10 random things blog! Cool, this should be fun because I'm a pretty random person in general. Haha
1. My dream dog is a chocolate lab with blue eyes. I have no idea why or what caused me to want one but I do. So bad. I also want a Yorkie too.
2. My favorite type of cheese is Parmesan oregano aged to six years and up. My mom and I went to whole foods one day and they had samples of this cheese. I was hooked. It's the best thing ever!!! That is if you like cheese. Lol
3. I love Jim Carrey and Will Ferrell movies. I just love to laugh and their comedy always gets me. Favorite movies of them: Jim- the mask and ace Ventura, Will- Elf and Megamind
4. I have the biggest sweet tooth ever, Im always in the mood for candy! But since that's not very healthy or flattering for my Disney princess figure, I always have gum or mints on hand. Guess I'll be switching to mints more since disney doesn't sell gum. Ahhhh!
5. My favorite color is green! And the reason behind it is because when I was little I used to watch the new cartoon series of tmnt (teenage mutant ninja turtles) lol I know random right? Well since they were green, I wish I could be too. instead I decided green would be my favorite color. I like pink and blue and red but green in my favorite!
6. I want to get married at the wedding pavilion @ Disney world. I remember being On the monorail and seeing a wedding going on as we passed by. It was pretty and Ive wanted it ever since.
7. I'm a huge football fan! I was the luckiest person Last year when the Alabama crimson tide won the national championship and then the saints won the superbowl. It was the best year ever since those are my two teams. I follow only the SEC since that is the best football in college (sorry I'm prejudice to the south y'all!) but when the SEC teams play each other it's a different story. Bama is the best team for me, and the evil teams are: LSU, Ole Miss, and Auburn. Sorry y'all! And in pro, I'm a saints fan and a ravens fan. Which Ill explain in a second why I like those two teams.....
8. I used to live in Louisiana when I was born till about 1 1/2. Then we moved to baltimore Maryland for 10 years. Then in 2001 we moved back to Louisiana and now I go to college in tuscaloosa Alabama.
9. I'm Greek!!! No, not the culture Greek, but I'm a Greek college student. I am a sister of the sorority Gamma Phi Beta and I love it!!!! Did u know that my sorority was the first one to coin the name sorority? All the ones before ours were called fraternities. Cool huh? And my boyfriend is Greek too. He's a kappa sigma. If there are any sisters, give me a holla!
10! I never watch tv shows. Idk why but I just cant get into them. So no, I don't watch glee, or burn notice or the hills or any of that other random crap that's on television. I just put on the tv and find something I like whenever I have free time to watch it.

Hope u guys enjoyed and I'm gonna tag my new friend Stephanie Reynolds and Rachel! Have fun guys!!!!