Knock three times and say, "Housekeeping!!!"

Hey there friends!!!! So I've been here almost a month and LOVING it!!!!! I'm going to give you some advice about check in and moving in, and then talk about my housekeeping role and what's next to come!!! So if your ready, hang on tight: 'Cuz this is the fastest train in the wilderness!!!'

Move in day was super long but once it was done and we moved in everything was amazing! Make sure to get to vista way at 5:30-6 in the morning so that you can move in and get everything done first. Chatham is really nice, I love my room and I'm in a two bedroom. My fiancĂ© is in a four bedroom and his is cool too!

So while you are doing all of the stuff at vista you then go to casting and don't be super depressed if ur role isn't very good (like me!!! Ugh) because everyone is super happy and they can tell if ur upset. Oh and they will ask you over and over where are you from and what are you working at. (really annoying, so just smile and nod) Then after casting and giving all of ur paperwork with your schedulde and everything, you go back to vista and move in!!!! Yay!!! You want to be there really early because then you can claim the better room if u are the first one in!

The rest of the day you move in until the house meeting. It's super cheesy and BORING!!!!!! I wanted to shoot myself. Then u have an off day and then the next day you'll have traditions either @ 8am or 12pm. (mine was @8). You really want to go to the 8am one because that means you get done around 2 and once you get back to your apartment you have the rest of the day off. And did I mention that you get your Disney ID that lets you get into the parks?!?!?!?! ;) Also, you get paided to go to traditions! Make sure you wear comftorable shoes. I'm not saying 'don't wear heels' because if you can rock them and walk through MK then go for it. If not, ballet flats (with some form of a heel or sole!) are fine!
So the next thing I went to was my housekeeping core class. This lasted from 8-5 for females and 8-2:30 for males (Since they are housepersons.) Training is pretty boring too. You learn the basics of how to do everything and how to make ur beds. Check to see if u got ur hepatitis B shot! They want u to get it done (for free) but if you've gotten it already, then there's no point doing it again. Then the next day I went to "Rolling out the Red Carpet" which was the All-Stars Resort's history and basic class. we toured the property and learned about it too. It wasn't until this day that I realized I was going to like working there...
So at the end of the day they will give you your schedule. I knew I was in housekeeping and I assumed I would be an AM housekeeper, but once they gave me the schedule it said I was a PM housekeeper!!!! So then the next day after was an E-learning class day. It was only about 4 hours and it was just a bunch of online interactive learning experiences about the company. (boring again too, but remember, you get paid!!!!) And then the next day they made me (and my friend also working @ ASR- this means all-star resorts) work under a trainer during the AM shift for two days. It is a HARD job people!!! If you have ever yelled or made fun of a housekeeper, you should take it back and tip those ladies because it is a hard job!
Then the fun began. I went to my first meeting for the PM shift (still training) and learned how to be a runner. The next two days I did the same thing and I absolutely love it! It's almost like having to do a scavenger hunt every night and you win if you get a tip! (Yes, housekeeping can recieve tips!!!!!) I trained the other night doing rooms and I don't like it as much. Yes, there are less calls for room cleaners, but it is just like doing the AM shift in a way. But I usually work the Toy Story buildings at All-Star movies. It is so much fun and I love seeing Buzz and Woody all night! Oh and did I mention, if you have done all of your garbage duty and have no calls, then you sit in the break room until you get a call!!!! And we drive golf cart things to and from our buildings (they are called pargos!)
So yea! I love working my job!!! BBBBBBBUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I recieved an email for a female face character audition for this thursday and it is only for college program people. I didn't want to go, but out of peer pressure and curiotiosy, I'm going!!! The height requirement is between 5'1-5'7 and I'm 5'4 so I think I'm in a good height range. (Mind you I look taller than I actually am.) Honestly, I love working the PM shift so I'm doing this audition as a pratice for the future. I still want to be a dancer for the company (Hoping to dance at festival of the Lion King!!!!) and if I go into another audition I'll know what to expect and won't get as nervous. If for some reason I do get into face character, SWEET! If not, Oh wells!!!! At least I tried! ;)
So for everyone else here are some tips I would say to do before or while you are here:
1. bring as many groceries as u can. I spent $89 food @ Walmart, but now I hardly have money for anything else.
2. don't lose your phone the first day you go into the parks...watch out dinosaurs like to eat phones.... bahahahahahhaha!
3. when u first go to training u just wear traditions attire, so bring at least four nice business-ey outfits. I prefer to wear a skirt just because its less hot, but pants are needed for housekeeping core class cuz they will make u practice making beds and cleaning
4. figure out your roommates and housemates cleaning situation right up front. You don't want there to be a fight later.
5. buy your disney stuff at Company D, Property Control, and at Cast Connections. If you love Disney mercandise but don't like the prices then this is the place for you!!! Oh and If your coming in the fall wait to buy stuff at the parks with your holiday discount! I don't know how much it is but let's say its almost half off!!!
that's about everything so far! If you have any questions feel free to mail me or find me around property. I live in Chatham and always usually at my apartment or Matt's! Have a Magical Day!!!!!