Bama Bound!!! °o°

Hey, here is the new video up on youtube!

I got an e-mail from Disney College program recruiting today. It was for spring 2011 and I was really excitied and yet depressed that I still have to wait a couple more months for my time to sign up!

Other than that I've been pretty busy with school and dance! I'll update on my vlog as soon as something important with the college program comes up. But check up on my blog more because I will be on my computer waaaaaaaaay more this year! :) °o°


Back to School!

Hey guys!!! So my summer is about to come to an end. I moved all of my stuff into my apartment so now when I vlog, it will look different in the background! I vlogged on the way here, so I'll have another vlog coming up soon. But untill then I'll be unpacking and getting ready for school to start!
Have a magical day yall!
(BTW)I gots a hair cut! Like it!?!?! :)