Ready for summer!!!!!!

Hey guys,
So my school year was cut short by a devistating tornado that hit right through Tuscaloosa, AL and about a few roads away from where I live and was at currently when it hit. Scariest thing in my life, and I've lived through and saw everything in New Orleans during Katrina. So pray for ttown, its stil not even close even though its been 3 weeks since the tornado hit. One of my sorority sister was actually picked up and thrown from the tornado. She was paralized from the waist down, but she is getting better!!! Today she walked with assistance!
However, another one of my sorority sisters didn't make it. Her apartment collasped on her and she passed away. Its so sad to imagine how precious life really is. I'm so blessed that I'm still alive and that I get to go and work for my dream company, Walt Disney Corp. RIP Nicole. I miss you dearly...

I finished my sophomore year with a 3.6 GPA which is pretty good since I didn't even take any of my finals!!! (But honestly I would have given anything to take the finals and not have that tornado hit)

In the mean time, I am heading to HAWAII in two days!!!!! And to make things Disney related, our hotel is right next door to Aulani! I cannot wait to take sneak pictures of the hotel and I'll be sure to post them on my facebook and on here!!!! :)
Until then, ALOHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!