Phone interview and more!

Hey there you guys!!!!!

So I had my phone interview last Tuesday @ 2:30 in central time zone. It lasted 28:28 minutes long and I honestly don't remember my interviewers name, (I believe christy, but I'm not positive) she called me @ 2:38 though, and up until it was about 2:35 I wasn't nervous. But as the minutes passed I started to freak out. But she called! And that what's most important!

She asked me why I wanted to work for Disney, how would I handle a roommate disagreement,If I am a team player, would I prefer to work outdoors, What were my past jobs, how wdo I handle interruptions, those normal types of questions.

She only asked me what my top two roles were (hospitality and conceirge) but I really wish she would have asked my top four (which also included, attractions and BBB) so she asked me one question in relationship with attractions (spiels, how much have u had to memorize) and none about BBB (I had such good answers too!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh!!!!!) oh well!

One thing that really threw me for a loop was that she asked me the same style of question twice! She just reworded it! (have you ever had a difficult situation with a customer, and then describe a time you had to deal with a difficult guest) I paused a little, but I believe I came up with a solid answer.

I feel really awesome about my interview! I just had to keep telling myself to breathe and smile whenever I started to doubt myself while she was typing.

So I should hear back in about 3 more weeks tops. (she told me 3-4) and I'm so glad I have dance alabama! to keep me busy!!! And I also made the dance company here (ardt) and I'm so freaking excited! It's such an honor and a big deal!!!! So I'm excitied I have these thing to keep me busy (and school) or else I know I would be checking my email constantly!!!!!! Good luck to everyone else and ...




Exciting News!!! °o°

Hey guys. So the Disney 30 day challenge wasn't really working out for me. I was so busy, and now that I have my iPad its really hard to post pictures onto it. So I'm sorry about that you guys!!!

So, the exciting news that I wanted to share is that the apps are out!!! (Pause for those of you dancing around your area) So I applied yesterday, along with my Disney-fanatic boyfriend, Matt, and passed the web interview!!! Whooop!!! And a few minutes ago I scheduled my phone interview for Tuesday @ 2:30!!!
So this give me enough time to prepare for the interview and mentally prepare myself as well.

SOOOOOOO. For those of you that haven't done the Web interview or scared (like me). Don't be!! I know a million people tell you this and I didn't believe them. But now I'm saying it from your POV. It is not as bad as it seems and its actually fun and interesting!!!!! So really, stop reading this and APPLY!!!!!!
Can't wait to hear good news from everyone!!!!
Have a magical day Y'all!!!!!