Hey Guys!!!

Hello everyone!!!!
So...tomorrow I'm heading to San Antonio, TX! I'm competiting four solo dance routines, three of which I choroeographed myself! I can't wait and I really think I'm ready for it.
In the meantime i really need tot think about a name for my blog/vlog and I was hoping some of you guys to give me some ideas.
Other than that, hope ya'll have a good day and enjoying your summer!!!! °o°


Back from NYC!

The big apple was AWESOME! I really loved it. I learned a bunch! And I even got to see the two disney shows out on broadway!!! The first day I saw Come Fly Away, a performance from New York City Ballet, then I saw Mary Poppins, and on the last day The LION KING!!!!! I think my favorite was the lion king. I cried, I laughed and I enjoyed every minute of it!

So I am preparing for dance nationals in San Antonio, TX and then a new competition in Biloxi, MS. And I'm also preparing myself for work next week! I am working from 7am to 10pm mon-thrus!!!! AHHHHHHHH! How crazy is that!?!? I hope I'll live.....lol

So until next time, have a magical day ya'll!!!!!! °o°