Vacation and Formspring!

Yay, so I got back from the beach and it was fun! I just love seeing Matt everyday! However, tomorrow I'm going to NYC for a dance camp on Monday. So that should be fun. I think I'm gonna go see a Disney musical. Not sure which one yet, but I will... :D

Also, formspring me with disney questions or just regular questions!

Have a magical day ya'll!!! :D


Summer Time!

Hey guys! Just wanted to let everyone know that I made it back home!!! I also got my grades back and I made a 3.5 gpa with 4 A's, 1 B, and 1 C!!! Of course I got the C in the movie class, but at least I got that! I was really worried about it. (Note to self: NEVER take a class that seems easy ever again!!!)

Hahaha, but my uncle is coming in town tomorrow and I'm super excitied because I haven't seen him in YEARS!!! And then sunday I'm going to the beach! I'm suuuuuuper excitied!!! Gotta get a spray tan though!

So keep in touch you guys! I'm excitied to know what/how everyone is doing and keeping themselves busy this summer!!!


Sending Some Pixie Dust Your Way! :)

Yay! So today Matt and I have been dating for 3 1/2 years now. I know that this is kinda random, but I just wanted to share to the world that we are in LOVEEEEEEE! (lol. sorry.)

But anyways, my finals are this week and I'm leaving to go back to Louisiana on friday. It seems so far away, but lucky for me I have exam to keep me busy (scarcasm).
Tonight I have to take my movie final (freaking out!!!) and I just hope someone above me loves me and helps me do well tonight! All I have to tell myself is that I can pass with a little bit of faith, trust, and of course, pixie dust!!!!

Hope everyone else enjoys their exams as much as I will!


mms's Hopeful Disney Vlog Thingy 3

Hey guys, my new vlog is up and I'm really sorry it's long. I don't know why I rambled so much...

It's so sad because my mom came this weekend with matt and we started to pack all of my stuff from my room. My last exam is friday may 7th so I'll be coming home with the rest of my stuff then. I can't believe my freshmen year is over, but I'm really excitied too!

But anyways hope ya'll enjoy!