Tagged 10 random things!!!!

Yay I was tagged by Marion in a 10 random things blog! Cool, this should be fun because I'm a pretty random person in general. Haha
1. My dream dog is a chocolate lab with blue eyes. I have no idea why or what caused me to want one but I do. So bad. I also want a Yorkie too.
2. My favorite type of cheese is Parmesan oregano aged to six years and up. My mom and I went to whole foods one day and they had samples of this cheese. I was hooked. It's the best thing ever!!! That is if you like cheese. Lol
3. I love Jim Carrey and Will Ferrell movies. I just love to laugh and their comedy always gets me. Favorite movies of them: Jim- the mask and ace Ventura, Will- Elf and Megamind
4. I have the biggest sweet tooth ever, Im always in the mood for candy! But since that's not very healthy or flattering for my Disney princess figure, I always have gum or mints on hand. Guess I'll be switching to mints more since disney doesn't sell gum. Ahhhh!
5. My favorite color is green! And the reason behind it is because when I was little I used to watch the new cartoon series of tmnt (teenage mutant ninja turtles) lol I know random right? Well since they were green, I wish I could be too. instead I decided green would be my favorite color. I like pink and blue and red but green in my favorite!
6. I want to get married at the wedding pavilion @ Disney world. I remember being On the monorail and seeing a wedding going on as we passed by. It was pretty and Ive wanted it ever since.
7. I'm a huge football fan! I was the luckiest person Last year when the Alabama crimson tide won the national championship and then the saints won the superbowl. It was the best year ever since those are my two teams. I follow only the SEC since that is the best football in college (sorry I'm prejudice to the south y'all!) but when the SEC teams play each other it's a different story. Bama is the best team for me, and the evil teams are: LSU, Ole Miss, and Auburn. Sorry y'all! And in pro, I'm a saints fan and a ravens fan. Which Ill explain in a second why I like those two teams.....
8. I used to live in Louisiana when I was born till about 1 1/2. Then we moved to baltimore Maryland for 10 years. Then in 2001 we moved back to Louisiana and now I go to college in tuscaloosa Alabama.
9. I'm Greek!!! No, not the culture Greek, but I'm a Greek college student. I am a sister of the sorority Gamma Phi Beta and I love it!!!! Did u know that my sorority was the first one to coin the name sorority? All the ones before ours were called fraternities. Cool huh? And my boyfriend is Greek too. He's a kappa sigma. If there are any sisters, give me a holla!
10! I never watch tv shows. Idk why but I just cant get into them. So no, I don't watch glee, or burn notice or the hills or any of that other random crap that's on television. I just put on the tv and find something I like whenever I have free time to watch it.

Hope u guys enjoyed and I'm gonna tag my new friend Stephanie Reynolds and Rachel! Have fun guys!!!!

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