RHM Intership Program

Well I emailed my teacher about meeting with her about getting credit for the disney college program with my major. Although she said that we would have to wait untill Feb. to meet, she gave me a website from the school about the class/internship.

Omg, it dosn't look hard....but it looks like a lot. The internship is doubling as a class and a good thing too, its 4 credits! But so far the requirements include:

*Complete and turn in an intreset profile sheet for which internship I would like to do.
*prepare a written statement on goals to be acomplished during the internship
*provide two letters of recommendation
*& be interviewed and be selected with the hospitality internship employer

THEN while at the WDWCP:
*A minimum of 12 weeks working 40 hours a week (480-600 hours)
*Book work that has to be faxed to my teacher each week
*A mid-term and a final that my manager needs to fill out and fax to my teacher
*A portfoilo including detailed sheets of what I did each week and what I accomplished

Ugh. It's not going to be very hard, just very teidious and to add more to my nerves. :/
Oh well, I just pray to GOD that I make it. I will be so depressed if I don't! But I keep happy thoughts and think about being in Disney World a year from today!!!!! :D

Anyways, have a magical day y'all!!!!

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