Wow what a year so far!!!

Well I'm sorry that I haven't updated since august, but things have been so busy!

I joined a sorority at my school and I love it!

I had a fantastic time during the whole month that we got ready for Dance Alabama! I choreographed a piece of my own and I was in two dances as well.

My football team isn't doing as well as we did last year, (14-0) but I still love my crimson tide football!!!!!!

And I'm just really excitied now that we only have about two more months until we can apply! I have a friend who is going to do the internship next semester and I am totally jealous of her!!!!! Not fair at all! Ugh!
But more about me....lol.

I am going to talk for sure to the internship lady in my RHM department and ask her what I need to do to get credit for my class and what not. After I find out about everything I will be posting a vlog! (yay!!!)
So have a magical day until then!!!!!!!

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