Forgotten Lands of Neverland...& a present!

Hey so I wanted to post these videos and share a bit of my personal history behind them.

1.) Journey into Imagination:

This is my earliest memory of Walt Disney World. I really miss the old version. It was so much fun and I loved the professor! I like the updated one too, but this was classic. Aparently the dreamfinder is in one of the shops at Epcot. Who knows, it's probably gone by now with how much things get updated... :(

2.) Food Rocks:

Okay, I know how many people probably HATED this, my parents def. did! But I LOVED this so much!!!! And even now the song that the milk sang, I thought it was a cheese....but in this video a milk carton is singing...?, I always think of this attraction. Someone posted "This was scary and I'm glad it's gone." and I lol'd but I really miss it now.
It's okay though because where this was is now Soarin' and I love that ride!!!

3.) Ride in Mexio:

Although I like Donald and his friends, this version was better. But oh well. I like to still go on the new ride just to get out of the heat and it's never a crowded line.

4.) Legend of the Lion King:

Who doesn't like the Lion King? Well this was no exception! Totally loved this attraction. Although I must admit, looking at it now it looks a bit cheesy with the animatronics, but as a kid all I saw was Simba!!!!
If you want to watch something like this, check out the musical. It basically the same thing except 1000x's better! I think there's about 6 permant locations and then they are touring. Totally worth however much tickets are!!! I cried twice! Beautiful! But still, I miss the attraction @ disney world.

So those were the few that I really remember and miss. It's sad to think they let these great ideas die, but at the same time I know something great usually will take its place....usually.....

Oh! And here's a little present for you guys!!!!!! A NEW VLOG! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways! Have a magical day y'all!!!!

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