Oh my goodness!!!!!!!

TANGLED just came out on Wednesday (my mom's bday actually!). Lucky Matt and I, got to see a midnight showing on Tuesday night and it's my new favorite Disney movie now!!!! I am completely obsessed!!!!!! I saw it again last night and I still love it. I will definitely be watching this movie every other day when it comes out on DVD.

Anyways, for those of u who don't know, this is Disney's 50th animated feature (here's a video showing all 50!)

I didn't think I would like this movie as much as I do now, I thought it would almost be a blow out. I know the last couple of movies, besides the princess and the frog, have almost lost Disney money but this movie will not!!!! It is an entire family fun movie!!! I've bought the CD, listen to it about 5 times now (no, like I just bought it an hour ago!!!), I bought a Rapunzel plush doll and I also got a toddler baby of her (it's soooooo adorable!!!!) and I also will be getting an entire set of Barbie dolls like all of the princesses with her in it as well! God I love this movie so much!!! It's so cute and funny. Pascal and Max are hilarious, and Flynn is probably the hottest Disney guy ever!!!!! Totally have a crush on him!!!

I have got to see them in Epcot when I go to Disney. Her and Flynn and Tianna and Naveen! They are my top people to meet! :D


If you haven’t seen this movie, go now!!!! You will not regret it at all!!!!!! :)

Have a magical day y'all!!!!!