Yay! I updated!

Okay guys! I updated my Vlog on youtube, so watch it!
I wanted to say after my vlog that rehersal went well. I got to strech extra long because the company is performing Cinderella next week and the two casts that are cinderella and the prince had to pratice the pas de deux. But anyways, I stretched extra longer and my legs felt much better. Then later I went to the gym for about an hour and a half. The reason behind this is because I want to loose a ton of weight. I'm about 135 right now, and as a dancer that is just wayyyy too much. If any one has any tips on trying to eat better please let me know becuase I really don't want to use dietary supplements or fast. I loooove food, but I just don't like what it does to me.
Anyways....sorry for the ranting. I'm currently watching Carlos Mencia and this guy is soooooooooo funny! I wish I could be as confident and funny as him. :D
Oh, I went shopping today and bought a D23 magazine! It had even more information about the fantasyland expansion then on that wesite I mentioned in my vlog. I just breifly read it, but once I read the article completely I will share more about it with you guys!

Well, that's about all I have to say. Have a Magical Day Ya'll!

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